The Big Ample was a project in early 2014 to give anonymous gifts to New Yorkers.  The story behind the Big Ample project is told in:

From Part 1, Chapter 4 of The Audacious Magpie:

"I'm going to use the money to give 714 gifts to New Yorkers from now until July 14th," I revealed my plan.

"714 gifts?" Gus exclaimed.  "The dollar store is going to love you!"

"Ha!" I laughed at this.  "It won't be quite like that.  It will be more like the bird in the story, leaving simple gifts of art and beauty and goodness.  It won't be anything too extravagant, just something to turn up the corners of a few mouths."

"So, you'll pass these presents out to strangers?"

"Not exactly.  It will be much more anonymous.  I might leave beautiful quotes on sticky notes at a bus stop -- something simple, but pleasant and unexpected. I already have an idea for this week -- Valentines on the 1 train."

"Really?"  Gus was amused.  "I'm so intrigued. I want to hear about everything you do."

"Yes!  That's part of it, too.  I'll have a website to document everything.  I'm calling this venture The Big Ample project."


"Right.  A play on words to explore the idea that we all don't have to fight so hard to make it here," I clarified. "The idea that there's enough in these 5 boroughs to go around. Maybe we don't have to struggle so hard if we just soften a little and give a little more."