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Valentine's Day Love

The world swoons for New York.  But what would New York say if it could profess its love?  This Valentine's Day, travelers on the 1 train found a series of Valentines written as if from their beloved City.

From The Audacious Magpie Part 2, Chapter 1

Happy Valentine's Day to you!  Bravo on the launch! How do you feel about everything?  Look forward to seeing more.

I got ready for work.  Lenny responded in the meantime.

Oh, yes -- there are more photos!  I'll let you know when they're posted to the new website later tonight!

I have to say that putting these up in the subway was nerve wracking!  I felt so self-conscious.  But, I just put in my headphones, played some upbeat music and went for it.

No one said anything, but there were plenty of sideways glances. It felt so strange to draw attention to myself. After putting up 8 of the 14 hearts, I was about to stop. Just then, one of my favorite songs started playing -- "Follow Your Arrow" by Kacey Musgraves.  Do you know it?  It gave me the needed boost to finish.  Give it a listen and you'll see what I mean.

Who knows if the messages meant anything to anyone? If nothing else, the experience gave me massive amounts of sympathy for everyone who asks for money on the train.  That lesson was worth it, whatever the outcome!

Have a good day, Gus!

-- Lenny