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Bird Songs at Bethesda Fountain

It was a gorgeous in New York today -- the perfect time for the birds to come out and sing.

From The Audacious Magpie Part 2, Chapter 2

As I finished the set-up, two older men approached and asked, "Are you setting up for a party?"

"It's more of an art project," I smiled.

"I used to fold origami like that," one reminisced.  "Not so big, but I've made the crane before."

A little girl and her mother came up next.  "What do you think of these birds?" the mom asked her little one.

"Beautiful," the toddler was entranced.

After a few moments the mother asked "Do you want to go or stay?"

"Stay," came the little voice.  My heart clapped its hands.

I left the flock to climb the stairs and observe at a distance from the overlook.