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Spring is in the Air at Columbus Circle

We survived the long winter, New York.  Here's to celebrating with a little pop of color.  Happy First Day of Spring!

From The Audacious Magpie Part 2, Chapter 5

As I walked to the subway I thought about the relative ease of my troubles compared with the intensity of what so many others faced.  I felt selfish and shallow to let this bring me so low.  Still, the weight of others' tragedies didn't lighten my own burden.  I was still losing my home.

A message from Lenny lit up my phone just then.  Her message was a welcome distraction. 

Happy First Day of Spring!  The A.M. was at it again today!  This time the scene was near Columbus Circle.  This was my favorite gift yet. 

People stopped to take photos and a few approached to ask what I was doing.  I was able to give them the gift directly.  It was wonderful.

One man called out, "Good on you!" while he passed in a hurry.  Isn't this place just the best?  I'm loving New York more every day!

Hope you enjoyed the sunshine!