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Birthday Wishes in TriBeCa

For anyone who celebrates a birthday today, these little doses of cheer are for you (and anyone else who simply felt like taking one).  Happy Birthday!

From The Audacious Magpie Part 2, Chapter 3:

On the flight back here, though, it really hit me.  The big Three-O.  When we are kids, I think we imagine that we'll never be 30!  It is the age of our parents and that idea freezes until we hit our 20's and only then do we realize that 30 is the inevitable next step. At least, that's how it was for me.

Now I'm here and suddenly feel an intense sense of urgency!  For me there's something about hitting 30 that takes away any former feeling that life will go on forever. This may sound morbid, but it has actually lit a lovely fire under me. I want to try everything, Gus, and time's a wastin'!

There on the plane I composed a list of 101 goals to get started, inspired by the list you spoke of when we first met.  Finishing The Big Ample project is top of the list!  With 40 cards today, 100 feathers and 14 Valentines.  I'm well on the way!

Hope all's well with you.  I would love to catch up soon.