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Community Inspiration Book

From The Audacious Magpie Part 3, Chapter 4

As I walk to the locker room, I get the idea for the next gift -- a celebration of digging deep.

When a few dear friends from graduate school moved from the city, we decided to keep in touch through traveling journals.  We'd text and write and call, of course, but we'd also journal about especially important events and then mail each other the book with these entries.  In the end it would be a shared record of the year in hard copy. 

This alternate communication format inspired the idea for this week's Big Ample gift.

I'd start 24 journals and plant them in the lockers at my gym.  I'd include quotes about inner strength and physical achievement and setting goals.  Then I'd instruct the finder to leave her own bit of inspiration, perhaps a breakthrough she'd had during a training session or something else she was proud of that day.

It would be a series of traveling journals moving from locker to locker, documenting our motivation and drive.  Through anonymous messages we'd push and encourage each other.

In the daily race of New York living, we could be each other's cheerleaders.  We could share our silent brightness on every page.